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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wedding Stuff. Part 8b. Even more Horseshoes!

Well nobody shouted STOP or if they did I didn't hear them! Well someone did...but it was too late!!
My tat lassies made me promise not to try to tat a horseshoe for every female at the wedding.

I wouldn't, I couldn't, I can't!

But it would be nice.
I don't know how I am going to tackle giving them out. 

I would love it if they all wore them on their handbags. I think I will take a pack of little gold safety pins with me.

A gesture of Good Luck for the Bride and Groom and for all who wear them.

I will try to give out as many as possible before the day...and then who knows if I will have to courage to be a lucky Horseshoe peddler.
Any ideas???

Here are some more, getting more colourful.
Gold beads with green ribbon with a gold edge, purple iris beads with a  purple ribbon, turquoise green ribbon with silver beads.

Rose pink ribbon with rainbow ruby beads, blue ribbon with silver edges with purple iris beads which have a tinge of blue, red spotty ribbon with silver beads.

This is the crop so far, not including my one makes a total of 24.

Can you see the larger on in the middle with the gold ribbon in size 15 thread.
The tiny one at the bottom with blue beads is in size 80....too big for Lily Bear who needed size 100, less rings and a smaller stitch count.
Now I have to go and tat more....I HAVE deep teal ribbon, lilac ribbon, the pink ribbon with the  silver edges is the lastest! Shuttles are loaded to tat more on the ferry.

Slow down life you are going too fast!


  1. I wish I'd thought to do something like this, and I'd have only needed 18!

  2. Uh-oh....she's addicted, obsessive, compulsive...quick! Someone else get married while she's in the mode!'re having a wonderful time, aren't you?

  3. Yup all of that and more Gina.Only got one son and one daughter!

  4. You're on fire, lassie! The horse shoes are gorgeous!

  5. Oh wow!! Purple is pretty too! How about grey ribbon with silver beads?

  6. HI Umi....stop encouraging don't stop!

  7. I've been trying to think of a collective noun for all these horseshoes! - can't come up with one, an "hubundance " of horseshoes, perhaps... :)

  8. What a cool idea!!! Love them.

  9. WOW! What an awesome collection. I bet everyone adored them.


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