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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Wedding Stuff. Part.10 The Stag Party!

I will draw a veil over the goings on at the stag party....
sufficient to say that when Lily Bear came down for her breakfast...
she found Cristo Bear ( for that is his name) flat out on the kitchen floor...
absolutely blotto!

Oh bear! was she mad....he is going to need those lucky shamrocks!!
Come on Lily cut him some slack! It's only one night!
(In case you are wondering why she is still wearing her wedding dress coming down to breakfast!!
She says that she is NEVER going to take it off!)


  1. I had not noticed the shamrocks on his vest! Lovely detail!
    Fox : )

  2. Poor little bear, already hen-pecked! I phoned my son today to ask him if he'd had a lovely Buck's night last night, and there was a long pause on the phone before he said yes, it had been most enjoyable, but he would not have chosen the words "Lovely time" to describe the day/evening his friends had arranged for him....
    It was a very poignant evening for me, since three of the four groomsmen have known each other since kindergarten days - wonderful to have such strong and enduring friendships. But I remember them all as four-year-olds!

  3. Your wedding updates have been such a delight, especially the blotto bit (Poor Cristo...).

    Tadgh makes a perfect wedding coordinator too!

  4. Don't worry Cristo will be fine, he is made of good stuff! Her bark is worse than her bite!

  5. I fully understand why she is so upset. And I also understand why she is in her wedding dress, it's stunning, of course she never wants to take it off.

  6. Too funny! I hope the lovely bride did cut him some slack. Afterall, there was a Lep involved! What can she expect?


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