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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Wedding Stuff. Part11.Do you take...

Lily and you take this bear.......

.....I do. ....

I now pronounce you bear and wife

Tadgh moves quietly in to turn back the Brides veil....

At last we see her in all her beauty....unveiled!
You may kiss the bride!

Tadgh moves in with the confetti....he is the wedding co-ordinator!
I seem to recognize this confetti from the stag night .....mmmm! so who was it who got GB blotto????

......let the party begin!

I just have to show you this out take of what goes on behind the scenes!
Poor Cristo he just didn't have it in him after all he has been through.



  1. Wow!!! Great wedding pictures!! I felt like I was there! Before we know it there will be little bear paws running around. Sorry I have to go now!! My eyes are watery. I always cry at weddings!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS are in order to all Bears and all humans involved in wedding celebrations!

    It has been a delightful trip for well-wisher and onlooker alike!

    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!
    ♥Fox : )

  3. gorgeous! - but we need to see her furry ankle with THE SHOES....... :)

  4. Wow what a wonderful Beary Wedding so where are they going on there Honeymoon!!!

  5. heheheh....glad to see that all is turning out well!

  6. At last, at last! So sweet to see those two love-bears tying the knot.

    Tadgh makes a perfect wedding coordinator. I'm sure he slipped some confetti bits to the stag party perpetrator and is entirely innocent of any wrongdoing. *wink.wink*

  7. Thanks everyone, so glad you enjoyed the ride. The 'real' wedding was WONDERFUL.Now it's holiday time.No time to tat!

  8. How upset is Fergal going to be when he realizes he missed the wedding?!?! Best wishes to the beary beautiful couple.

  9. Well it was Feargal's choice, he has other fish to fry!
    Tadgh didn't see much as he was trapped inside my handbag all day, but at least he was there!

  10. All of this is so precious. The wedding looks to have been perfect and I'm sure the "real" one was as well. Can't wait to see pictures. Have a great holiday.

  11. Hi Bonnie and Tattycat, hope you will enjoy the next installments too.


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