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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two more Teapots!

My Tat Lassies brought in two more finished teapots that I don't think you have seen.
Both are Martha Ess's Shamrock teapot.
This one in a very pale green and a medium green, very pretty.
This one is very dramatic, with a very dark green contrasting with my Daffodil Dell HDT.


  1. These are beautiful, the all green one especially!

  2. again your friends did a wonderful job

  3. I can't believe I've missed several of your recent posts - filled with teapots of all colors, AND
    even an adorable teapot tree!! All of these teapots (and the ginger bread guys - designed by Gina and tatted by the 'lassies') are so sweet. And we can't forget Martha Ess's fabulous designs. Your blog is always a treat to read, and l so appreciate your travelogues and fabulous photos. The crab apple photos are beautiful - an amazing success story!

  4. With all these lovely teapots, you could have High Tea! - perhaps to celebrate the Royal wedding.
    I wanted to go to High Tea that day, one of the quaint English cafes on the Bay is arranging a special tea party to mark the occasion. However, DH, whose birthday it also happens to be has proved to be rather recalcitrant and says he won't go with me - can you imagine, he says he would like to visit a winery for lunch instead......
    I don't think a tatted wine bottle would be nearly as elegant as a teapot!

  5. It is definitely time for tea! All those lovely teapots to tip a spout to Spring.

    Do you fall in with the French tradition and nibble chocolate church bells for Easter (or chickens)? Or do the Irish have their own spin on Easter chocolate?

  6. Hi all, yes they are very pretty, every home should have at least one.
    Hope I answered your query about Easter Traditions in my next post.


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