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Friday, December 26, 2008

It's a Leprechauns life! Part 1.

If there are any of my readers who aren't Stark Staring Bonkers...........they should not read on!!

Ok! so the rest of you know that Leprechauns set off from Ireland before Christmas to colonise more of the world. You may not realise that there were 6 and not 5 that left home.

Note!! You may have already seen most of this elsewhere but this is the collected edition!

First to arrive was Danny.

Danny travelled to North Carolina and spent a short while still confined in his packing, until his new mum was told that whatever was in there might need some air....then he was released and not a moment too soon, as Martha said he was lucky that the post had been running ahead of schedule so he had plenty of oxygen left.

Once Danny was released he was Leprechaun with a mission and he headed straight for Martha's stash to reconnoitre.

You can see that he set off on his tippy toes, lets hope by now he has both feet solidly bent up and can stand freely by himself(something I forgot to say in my owners instructions!)
This is what Martha said

Danny has been exploring his new digs, with much head-shaking at the dust and clutter. Here he is, climbing in the closet shelves. Is he looking for a storage place for his thread, or hoping to add to his own stash? I think I had better keep an eye on him.

He hasn't been heard off since so lets hope he didn't fall in and couldn't get out.
I am sure we all hope that he had a Happy Christmas in his new home.

Next to arrive was Killian ( I think) who travelled to Illinois.

He was straight out of the bag and on to Diane's tatting loaded tree top check it out....and keep an eye on her...Killian also need to get his pointy shoes set firmly on the ground!

he did a good job and managed to get Diane to leave what she was doing and tat.

Killian has been veery quiet since..he must be up to something, hope he enjoyed Christmas.

You may not realise that all these leprechauns are tat trained so they know what it's all about. Where did they learn??? at tat-skool of course!!

The most common complaint that is coming through is that the ******** lucky cent is a ********nuisance and is stopping them, from fulfilling themselves!!

To be honest I never imagined what an active life these little fellas were going to have...I thought they were just going to sit quietly and be lucky!!

In fact my Fergal is asking for a we shall have to see and maybe future leps will not have such a hindrance.

Cormac arrived in Indiana but had to wait on the doorstep until Gina got home....late!!, luckily some kind person had put him into a plastic bag so at least he didn't get wet..only very he says!!

He say up on her webcam and told her all about his old home....mmmmm! thought they had been programmed not to tell...maybe he told fairy tales!!

Then didn't he find a ball of green thread and a Celtic Ring that made a perfect crown. Gina found that in a parking garage and no one claimed it, she intends/intended to give it to her son who loved his visit to Ireland....think again Gina!!!

Cormac already has both feet firmly on the ground and was put to work drawing the winner of Gina's Anniversary blog prize for December.

Cormac has found a friend in Gina's Chris Sockmonkey and they are hanging out in a box of green peanuts...does she think this is what he Cormac eats..oh no obviously not as she has given him a Rainbow candy cane...I am not sure that he eats Rainbows either!!

She hopes these tow get on well together as she says 'Nothing's worse than a bunch of squabbling fiber-filled blokes!'

She did catch them snooping into her Secret Santa box from Melissa J...he is only doing his job Gina!!

Better stop here before you get too tired and go and photograph my Secret Santa package....Will catch up on the other leps another day. they are all such busy bees.


  1. Very cute, Pamela! You are having so much fun with your leprechauns. So nice of you to share. :)

  2. Always good to know what the "kids" are up to, eh? LOL! There are definitely tales to tell!

  3. "Dom" is noisly chiding his person to get his picture taken; so all the cousins can see HIM!!! Such a competitive little guy! He watches every move I make; slightly unnerving I must say!
    He is very happy for his coin, as he is always ready to buy some new thread for her person.
    Well, I MUST get that photo taken by the bloomin' Christmas Cactus.. Dom is very upset that there wasn't a white Christmas in the Southwest bootheel of New Mexico; and, he could really do without the 40 mph wind (and gusts to 50!)
    However, he is INSIDE, so I really don't understand his complaining!
    Hello from "Dom" to all his cousins world wide; his advice?
    Get into as much mischief as possible ~ it's a duty...
    X Bev

  4. Hee hee,
    Pam you should go see what Brendan's been up to! He neglected to tell me that he went to Tat I am going to put him to work to keep him out of trouble!


    P.S. We like the Eire, it's makes us think we'll be rich someday (o:

  5. Chic...your day will come!! You are top of Fergal's list!

    Yup Gina, gotta keep track of them.tell him to join the new blog!!

    Bev....GET THAT PHOTO TAKEN!! and go and join the leprechauns blog.

    Ladyshuttlemaker...gosh he was a good student .. I didn't expect him to remember everything. LOL.
    make sure he joins the new blog.


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