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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Told you I was hooked!!

Yup, scrapbooking has captured my imagination.

After my last post I had several lovely comments (please keep 'em coming chaps...or I might stop blogging!!) saying that I could use tatting as embellishments.

When I came home from the course it was like something had exploded inside my head, tatting could adorn my scrapbook has a purpose!!...but not only that...scrapbooking could maybe be a way to show off the tatting itself!

I immediately thought of my Coral Reef thread and the photographic story behind it culminating in my Coral Reef doiley.mmmm but will I ever do it. So much better than having it languishing in a plastic sheet. Terrible I know but I just don't use doileys.

It's very lucky for tatting that I can incorporate it in scrapbooking or the death knell might have sounded for it.

I find that I can only do one craft to the best of my ability at one time and this has resulted in the end of so many crafts that I always intend to go back to!

Scrapbooking is much harder than it looks unless you are a naturally brilliant person...which I am not.

This next page.. based on a layout that I learned at the class has taken me two weeks to finish and resulted in a huge addition to my stash.

First you have to choose the background is amazing when you try a photograph out on different backgrounds, each one picking out a particular colour in the photo.

The true demented scrapbookers have a page colour and embellishments in mind and go out and buy an outfit for the baby to coordinate with that colour!!

Crafting always tends to make me panic in beads and if another chance to buy will never come that I will have a selection to choose from.

The you have to decide on a layout to display the photo and for the placement of supplementary decorative sheets. Then there are the embellishments and the title and the journalling so that you will remember ( and others to come) what that photo was all about.

So wait no more here is my 3rd page done on my own (mostly)!

It's a pity that you can't see the sparkle on the letters and the flowers and the diamante in the middle of the tatting embellishment on the flowers..Yup just a tiny bit of tatting this time.
I had to go and buy new letter stamps as scrapbooking needs large bold letters.
The background paper has a tiny stripe that you can't see.

I am blown away at how beautiful this page looks, good enough to frame, and how I will remember that day when grandbaby was just 4 days old.


  1. Your scrapbook page is beautiful! I just don't have the imagination for it. Luckily, my daughter Andrea has a flair for making beautiful scrapbooks... I can admire hers!

  2. Oh my God, is that beautiful! Is there anything you can't do well? I can't wait to see how you incorporate some tatting with later scrapbooking pages.

  3. Very pretty. Now, what about the tatting?

  4. So beautiful! You are truly hooked and very good at your new art. Have fun!

  5. The page you made is absolutely darling! Love the flowers! They make a perfect frame for that absolutely adorable baby!

  6. Soo pretty, the card and the baby!
    I like to see pictures of scrapbooking items but dare not try and make one myself. I'm afraid that I'll get addicted too, and time doesn't seem to favor me right now.

  7. Sigh - all my photographs languish in shoeboxes! I think I stopped taking photos when film became obsolete, it's not something that interests me at all, because pictures of my grandchildren are always given to me.
    The page with your beautiful grandson is wonderful, and I appreciate all the effort and patience that must have been involved, but I have not the slightest desire to do it myself!

  8. LOL! You're so funny! Of course you will scrapbook beautifully. You love doing it. My sister is like that. She can spend hours at it while I can barely sit still long enough to sort out the photos. I don't know why it's so hard for me to do it but it is. I'd rather someone else do it and I'll just dictate the journaling or something!

  9. You are faring well. The pages look great. Yes, it is not just the time, but also the cost involved in scrapebooking, unless you are not so particular about acid-free stuff. On the other hand, one doesn't need to go for too many photos, just a few, these will be the most memeorable ones and will be greatly admired by everyone.

  10. Thanks everyone for you comments. I can't believe that I really made that scrapbook page as my imagination is not great.
    I take so many photos that picking out just one to keep for the future is very hard, but I do love the effect of highlighting a single photo.

    yes Singtatter I am trying to use only acid free materials, I had never thought about them much before.

  11. I LOVE tatting in my scrapbooking...well OK DSs GFs scrap booking...there are just not enough hours in a day!! Love your work. Thanks for visiting my Blog. Glad you found something to interest you :)


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