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Monday, August 02, 2010

Wedding Stuff. Part 7c.Something Borrowed!

My friend Suneeti was worried that poor little Bride Bear wouldn't have something borrowed for her wedding.......and she came up with a brilliant suggestion.......

...why didn't Lily Bear (just discovered that this is her name!) ask her sister Lindy Bear (who was the Bride Bear at my daughter's wedding)....
.....if she could borrow just one little flower from Lindy's wedding veil!
Aw! isn't that a sweet idea?

Lily thought that was awesome!
so...she sent a message to Lindy who said she would see if she could find her veil....she thought it was in a box somewhere up in the attic.....she is so sorry that she can't come to Lily's wedding....
it's all the bairns you see!
She sent the flower by Express Bear Mail and it arrived this morning....and was on the veil in an instant.
Lily chose the spot where it would be discreet but still be seen, especially the diamond!

Now she is really happy. All it took was a simple tatted flower.
Long  live tatting!
So the two little bride bears are linked like the real brother and sister.


  1. Fox took the words right out of my mouth. Yes, brilliant!

    Thanks for another terrific post! I never tire of reading your blog.

  2. Something borrowed indeed was needed. What a wonderful idea.

    She truly is a lovely sight.


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