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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Happy Tat Day!

International Tatting Day 2011
A Red Letter Day
the Rules are...
Tat only for yourself,
Wear something tatted
Eat Chocolate!

Well my Tat Lassies
CAME, brought CHOCOLATE,WORE, TATTED....and ATE.....
mostly we ate and talked!!

This was the table before we started work....
The Teapot Tree has been transformed into an Easter Egg Tree. 
The chocolate is piled up,mmmm!
Chocolate and caramel pie,  and..and...and...and.. is your mouth watering?
Hope you all had a great day too.

We tatted Easter Eggs... this blog for an Easter Egg Eggstravaganza coming soon.

Two more Teapots made their debut appearance.
Shamrock teapot in beautiful soft spring colours

...and another lovely  Celtic Button teapot.. well as her finished Gingerbread man....remember from a previous post how cute he looked..
isn't he stunning?


  1. Looks as if you had a sweet day!

    That gingerbread man is sensational! The pattern is on my list - just have not gotten to it yet! You set a wonderful example of how he charming he might look.
    Fox : )

  2. I love the way you easily transform your tree from one theme to another! I must find one of those trees. Maybe then I'll be inspired to try variations as you do!

  3. What a great display! Looks like fun all around! And the gingerbread man looks fabulous!

  4. That tree was a brilliant find,wasn't it! - look at all that chocolate on the table, you made a real occasion of Tat-Day!

  5. Your post has me drooling for multiple reasons. The inviting table, the mouth-watering treats, the eggs-quisite lace.

    Ooh la la, that gingerbread man looks so rich in his HDT "suit."

    You and your tatting lassies certainly did the day up right!

  6. so many teapots! they are totally awesome! oh i wish i cld b at your "party"! wonder if martha will release her teapot pattern elsewhere...

  7. I wish you could all have been at my party, but you were all there in spirit with me.


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