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Friday, December 04, 2009

Fourth Day of December!

Another day, and yet another snowflake....from 24 Snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjorn.

The response to yesterday's snowflake in it's glorious colours was stupendeous. I will get around to answering all of the comments. Please keep them coming they are making my fingers fly! Without them I will give if you are enjoying this and have never left a comment is the time.

Today's it is.....

......bears such a striking resemblance to yesterday's that it only got tatted once!!

.....but yesterday's got tatted again to make up for it!!! what do you think of this one with it's brighter than bright Rainbow Orange center...jeepers!! My fingers flew a little too fast and as I was 'refining' the stitches and picots didn't I see a glaring mistake. Oh well, nobody is perfect!!

So Day 4 is the same as my favourite but with the fluffy center replaced by simple rings and chains. I have been spoilt!

The pattern says that it is done in two rounds continuously! yeah that was ok!

Thread amounts for Day 4 using Coats Floretta 20. The flake measures 9.5cm.
Sh1 6m making smallish picots, Sh2 3.75.
Bigger picots would be nice but I find it hard to make them bigger without using a gauge! they just naturally come a certain size!!


  1. Yes, It is basically the same pattern with a different center. Lovely anyway. The second flake with the orange center is superb!! I really liked yesterday's with the yellow center, but this colorway is now my favorite, Rainbow Brite with Orange. Fantastic!! Keep the flakes coming!!

  2. My goodness these are gorgeous! I sure hope that as I learn to tat, I will someday be able to make such pretty snowflakes. I love snowflakes and wouldn't it be more interesting if for just one day, the real ones were so colorful?

  3. Wow! - isn't it stunning, with the orange centre. Orange is my grandson's favourite colour, he's going to love this one when I show it to him!

  4. The Rainbow Bright with the orange is my favorite yet. I normally don't even like orange, but this works really well.

    I wonder what it would look like with a variegated center and a solid color outer round.

  5. Please keep going, I love the different colour combos and enjoyed last years effort as well. My favourite from yesterday was the Hellebore, with the very subtle colour change in the red. How do you mange to tat so fast?

  6. I love both style of centers! I especially like the way you've paired the coloring with the pattern. Lovely choices! The colorful one make me chuckle for some reason. Very cute! The top one is beautiful!

  7. So pretty! Love the colors.

  8. WOW!!

    I can't believe I've been missing all of these beautiful snowflakes. Now I'm getting all of these days of eye candy in one morning.

    Love the RB with the orange. Another stunning combination.

  9. Hi Carol, makes me think of doing different centers for more snowflakes.Wow glad you liked the orange center.

    Hi Paula,coloured snow, now that would be something!

    Hi Maureen,another vote for the orange center.

    Hi Miranda, and another vote for orange, I tend not to like the varig centers that I have done, they look sort of grizzly!

    Hi Michelle, thanks so much for your comment, that's a first vote for the hellibore, I think. I really like that one.

    Hi Chic, I think that's the thing with Rainbow Bright, It never fails to make me feel happy. It makes these snowflakes are so outrageous.

    Hi Cloth Diapers, thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Bonnie, another vote for orange. I value your opinion.


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