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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eleventh Day of December!

24 Snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjorn

11th day of December and I am still tatting. I wish it really was the 11th, then I might have a fighting chance of completing my challenge.

Snowflakes are beginning to get thin on the ground...tho it is just possible that we might have a White cool would that be....probably very. We have had almost a week of dry sunny weather, blue skies...but gradually getting colder.

On to Snowflake 11...this was really very easy, if you can tat a trefoil then you can tat this, you can even avoid a split ring if necessary.

...the instructions say to make it in 2 rounds but since there are split rings...the 2 rounds are continuous...something she says in other patterns but not this one. I guess it's just happened in the translation from Danish.

Pretty snowflake....don't like my colour choice much...a varig' Flora 20...looks better in the scan than in real life. A bit clunky in 20, next time I will make it in 30 or 40.

It measures 10cm....interesting fact is that if you tat a snowflake in size 20 it will be the same size as the diagram in the book!

Thread amounts, Sh1 6m, Sh2 7.

An extra treat today....look what I got in the post from my dear friend Sally from Tats Heaven....tucked inside the Christmas card was a simply divine be-jewelled butterfly bookmark designed by her very own sister.

Hope to see ya tomorrow, better get down to it!


  1. The tatting works posted on your blog are all wonderful.

    We have to learn from you.

    I believe you won all your challenges.

    Good tatting.

  2. Pleased the butterfly flew over the Irish Sea safely. Jane and I are both addicted to making them.
    Good luck with your snowflake challenge, they are all so pretty, are they going on your tree?

  3. This one's really pretty too! Why are there so many beautiful pieces to be tatted when I don't have enough time?

  4. Lovely "blue" post today! - what fun, that the butterfly - which is gorgeous - just happened to match today's snowflake.

  5. I'm living vicariously through your blog, I haven't tatted any snowflakes this year!!! AAAAHHH!

  6. I love the snowflakes you are posting! This one looks great on the monitor!
    Fox : )

  7. I love the blue/white snowflake! It is very wintry, reminding me of white snow and a blue, blue sky.

    You do lovely work. :)

  8. Hi Carla, I am giving this challenge the best attempt, can't do more than that...except start earlier!

    I Sally, the butterflies are fab, a must do....when.....

    Hi Diane,time....mmmm!

    Hi Maureen, maybe she know that I like blue....tho I haven't done many blue snowflakes.

    Thanks Fox, Chic,

    Thanks Jane S...wintry means brrrr!


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