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Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Christmas Day!

Christmas eve. The Santa hats were laid out under the tree, mince pie and a glass of milk for Santa (mustn't turn him into an alcoholic!). The tree twinkled in a way that made my eyes keep turning to look.

Christmas morning the hats were full of chocolates and chocolate money....yipee santa never lets us would think we had small children in the house....instead of thirty something children... We hope that we never grow up and lose the magic.

We all got the most delightful gifts, DIL to be is busy at the moment making sparkly french knit necklaces from the ribbons that I gave her. DH got the ultimate coffee machine that he has spent his life looking for! Fergeal was of course jealous as that's what he had wanted for his office! and so on...

The weather was absolutely atrocious.....going from sheeting rain to hail storms until it cleared enough for us to drive to see if anyone was brave enough for the Christmas swim. We parked as near as we could and watched from the car as so many raced into the sea....and raced out again.

The rain poured down.

Santa's danced in the icy water.

Finally son and I ventured out of the car to get a bit of exercise and fresh air as the rain had stopped for a few minutes.
Watching the Christmas swim has been our family tradition for years and years and I don't ever remember such awful weather. I suppose I just don't remember bad things.

The rest of the day was spent eating.....and eating ....and eating.....

Hope your day was as good.

Happy St Stephens day to all my friends.

I just offered my son his choice of snowflake (he loves my tatting) and his chose the Rainbow Bright one with the yellow center...I knew he would!


  1. I remember the Christmas swim from last year! Much better to have a tradition of watching it, partaking in it would be a different matter!

  2. Thank you for sharing your special Christmas Day with us! I love seeing how your tree was decked out.

    In my small corner of Tatland the stockings are stuffed with sweets instead of hats. But you must know that your tale made me say, "Awwwww! That's so nice!"

    *gasp* How on Earth do you and yours fathom the bracing, icy, cold sea to go for a Christmas swim? Brrrrrrrrrrrr!

  3. Your Christmas Day sounds delightful! I would love to wake up to a Santa Hat full of chocolate money!!! YAYYYY! Those people are craaaaaaazy for swimming in those icy waters! LOL! It looks like they are having a ball, though! LOL!

  4. Found Your site and just love it I am new to tatting. But I just adore your Leprachauns you do such a wonderful job making them. I will be putting your blog in my favourites folder.
    Margaretha. Qld. Aust

  5. I love the Christmas hats instead of stockings! Delightful!

    Brrrr,,,, I ask only....why!!!
    Fox : )

  6. Fergeal likes coffee? I thought leps generally went for something a bit stronger. ;)

    Those people in the water, I think they must have had something fairly strong, too!

  7. Am I the lonely Polar Bear who breaks the ice to have a dip for the coming year? Alas, those days are gone now; but, so much fun then. Cuddling under a warm blanket with a cup of chocolate (too young for something stronger).
    Your Christmas sounds so wonderful. thank you for sharing.
    love, Bev and Donnacha

  8. Thank you for sharing your Christmas celebrations with us. You have a beautiful tree. We have stockings here, but I think the hats are a cool idea. Yes, I hope we never grow too old to enjoy the Christmas spirit and excitement.

  9. I remember the photo's from last years swim. Have you ever gone in the water yourself? I'd don't think I could do it. Brrrrr Thanks for sharing your day at the beach again!
    Happy New Year!

  10. People really do that on Christmas?! Silly

  11. Hi Maureen, it makes us glow on the inside to watch them!

    IsDhiara, me and mine actually 'in' the that is too funny to contemplate, the last time I went into the sea in Ireland in the summer, I thought i was going to die!

    Chic, Santa is always good to us!Yup these people actually ENJOY it!

    Welcome to my blog Margaretha, hope it is not too silly for you!

    Hi Fox, well the hats are bigger than our socks!

    Miranda, Fergeal sticks to tea and far until he spots the Baileys! I think they have hot water bottle filled with mulled wine!

    Hi JB, no don't ever get to old to enjoy a silly Christmas.

    Hi Carol...have I ever gone in the water...outside of August NOOOOOO! Brrrrrrr!

    YUP Bonnie they do it all over Ireland! Some do it EVERY day!
    There were surfers in the sea yesterday 'cos it was so rough!


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