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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Second Day Of December!

I am spurred on by your enthusiasm!

I am still working on 24 snowflakes in tatting by Lene Bjorn.

So I present to you the Second day of December snowflake .
I had and still have great ideas for this one as it is a very simple pretty design.
I tatted it in two rounds...but I could have used a split chain to go from round one to round two.

First in Floretta 20 in that gorgeous deep pinks mix.

I really like this one, I also like the ones that Diane tatted. Steph has also been tatting from this book. she has done Dec 1st and may be going to join me in this challenge!

Next I tatted it in traditional white. At one time all my snowflakes were white and they still look stunning in white....but nowadays white has become raw HDT and is crying out to be dyed!!
It reminds me of when I first met hubby, he seemed to live on toast and bread became known as raw toast!

Now if I only tatted one of each snowflake I would get through the challenge a lot quicker.....can I do that!!....and so I am abandoning my ideas for this the moment.

Thread amounts measures 4inches,
Round 1 Sh 1.75m, ball 1.4m
Round 2 Sh 6.5m, ball 3.5m.....maybe I should make bigger picots...I do try!

Coats Artist 20, measures very slightly more than the Floretta
Round 1 Sh 2.15m, ball 1.80m
Round 2 Sh 7.5m, ball 4.0m

That's all..see you tomorrow...with a bit of luck!


  1. It's just not the same without Rainbow Bright! On to the third; and speaking about raw HDT, I saw - somewhere - that one of the online suppliers actually sells big white cones of Lizbeth thread. I must see if I can find it again for you.

  2. Found it! - it's Lacis:
    but a lot of money!

  3. Nicely Done! Love them!

  4. Beautiful! How do you get them done so quickly? I'm still working on #3!

  5. Wow - so pretty and so FAST!
    Fox : )

  6. Hi there! Wow, these snowflakes are sooo beautiful! I'm so amazed at what you tatting girls do!!! Your work is so intricate and beautifully done! Thanks for your visit and very sweet comment! =D

  7. Hi Maureen, so glad you love Rainbow Bright too. I looked at the large cones, thanks for the info but postage as always is prohibitive.
    I still like my Coats thread the best.

    Hi Rayanna thanks for staying with me faithfully.

    Hi Diane, only one snowflake per night...but i did start early...not early enough tho!

    Hi Fox,thanks for accompaning me on this tortuous journey!

    Hi beedeebabee, thanks for popping over. Come back soon.

  8. What a great challenge you've given yourself here. I know I'm enjoying watching YOU do it :-)

    This one is lovely too.

  9. I enjoyed watching YOU read it! thanks.


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