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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Twelfth Day of December!

24 Snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjorn

Snowflake number 12...yipeeeeeeeeee! Half way through the book.

It's all down hill from here...or should that be uphill!

This snowflake is a little beauty, one of my favourites.
It was so pretty that I had to stop halfway and do a is perfect as it is.

Add the final round and it is splendiferous. I think this is a design masterpiece.

It was very easy to tat, nothing more difficult than one split ring if you want to do it all in one go. It would look gorgeous in different colours for the rounds, but a lot of hiding of ends.

I tatted this in Coats 40 in a lovely medium purple. It measures 9cm. I really need to make all of these snowflakes in fine thread to make them suitable for the tree.

Thread amounts, Coats 40. Sh1 9.75m, Sh2 3m.

I finally finished decoration my big real Christmas tree. This year it has to be baby friendly, I put on only 2 glass ornaments and no little wire hangers like I normally use. A smaller tree than usual it had to be raised up...more baby friendly too. It took two milk crates to make a stable base I put all the cute decorations that a little boy will love to look at near the bottom, missed out all the tinsel and lammetta as it is such a pretty tree and then went to town with tatting.

Over 600 little tiny lights and it looks so much prettier than you can see.

Lets take a closer look

You will wonder why when I am tatting so many multicoloured snowflakes and then have a tree with nothing but white.

Well white is still the best for a snowflake and they do show up so well against the green. Upstairs I have also decorated my Silver Rainbow Christmas tree with total absence of white. My antique feather tree is all white also this year...totally all my white snowflakes are not on my big tree!

The angel on the top of the tree was made many years ago.....

.....but she remains my all time favourite.

One year in Brownies we made a start for an angel. A cardboard cone with a cotton ball for the head, and told them to go away and decorate it for the following weeks party. The results were fabulous. This was my attempt with gold foil,holographic paper, glitter glue and sequins and a little angel hair with a pipe cleaner halo.

Some of my favourite decoration on my tree are geometric shapes made out of thin card and decorated with glitter and sequins...I must show them to you sometime.


  1. so pretty!! After seeing all your snowflakes from that book I went and ordered it this morning :) Your tree is so pretty I LOVE YOUR WORK!!! How is your luceting coming along ? My son really loves it so I want to thank you again, he is keeping at it and made a mistake the other night and figured out what he did and fixed it on his own :) :)
    Happy Holidays

  2. It surprised me that I really liked the 12th day as well! I thought the snowflake was perfect after each round and was tempted to stop it before it was done. I'm glad I didn't since the final piece is beautiful.

    Will you show the rest of your Christmas trees as well?

  3. This really is a beauty! Nine more pair of socks to go, then I can back to tatting. I guess I'll be tatting snowflakes for next year!

  4. You're right, the snowflake is very elegant! Your tree is so festive, with all the snowflakes - I am not putting anything breakable on ours this year either, because of the 19-month old twins - ours has a big, stable container which is filled with water for the tree, so they can't tip it over.
    Decorating three different trees is a lot of work!

  5. Your big tree is perfection! The white tatted ornaments look spectacular, especially that one almost dead center in the second photo. It could be an angel, but I think it reminds me more of a pristine white dove.

    As for baby proofing the tree, you did great! One thing we did two years ago and again last year was to tie jingle bells on all the lowest branches. They worked like an "early warning system" for the Sprout's natural curiosity. If you try it, be sure to shake the bells first to find the most pleasing sounding ones. It adds to the holiday spirit!

  6. WOW! You are an amazing tatter! I wonder if I could do a snowflake a week for a year! Hmmm...I wonder if I'm up to challenging myself with this! Snowflake patterns are one of my favorite things to tat (along with hearts) so I have a few tatted snowflake books!
    Anyway, your purple snowflakes are beautiful! Your tree is lovely and that angel is cute! :)
    Merry Christmas!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  7. That is SUCH a pretty snowflake! i have been enjoying the others you posted so much that I got the book last week. I can't tat quickly like you, so perhaps next year...

    Your tree is very pretty! I have a two-year old so I cut back on our ornaments again this year. Last year we made paper chains and ornaments. It was allot of fun. We did jingle bells this year also. Our little girl doesn't put things in her mouth so we felt safe. Once we got presents under the tree, they became the focus. Luckily she just likes to carry them around the house not open them.

    :) Ann

  8. What a wonderful design! Thanks again for posting these! I never tire of looking at your work.
    Fox : )

  9. Hi Heather, Thanks, nope haven't done any more luceting, glad that Nate is tho. That's great that he fixed a mistake, better send him here!I have made more French Knit necklaces tho.

    Hi Mica, i have downloaded the snowflake that you made, I almost put it on my blog with my one. My other trees I showed in previous years, but I guess they always look different, will try.

    Hi Diane, I am counting the socks with you 'till you get back to tatting!

    Hi Maureen, My tree is not stable at all even tho it looks as if it is. Will just watch him. Saw him on video chat today, cute as ever.

    Hi IsDihara, I love the idea of the jingle bells, tho I think at that stage it would be too late!
    Yup the angel in the dead center does look like a dove.

    Hi Chic, I challenge you to a snowflake a week. I would almost say, you pick the flake and I will tat it with you. ALMOST!

    Hi Ann, Oh happy days of making paper chains, you take me back.

  10. Hi Fox, I missed your comment, Thanks for sticking with me and encouraging me every day.

  11. Aaah! The birthplace of the wee little leprechauns! I have found it. Your little assistant and his buddies are delightful. I enjoy spotting them here and there in blogland. And oh my goodness, your tatted snowflakes! Incredibly gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

    Wishing a wonderful Christmas to you and your family, big and small!

  12. Hi Bella, lovely to have you here. I promised you that I wouldn't grow up if you didn't and now you see the proof. being childlike as opposed to childish! is the best. Come back soon. I wish you and your girls the best possible Christmas with each other.

  13. Wow! Your snowflakes are so pretty! I love the purple ones. I am a beginner and work like this inspires me to work harder at learning more and practicing.
    thank you for your inspiration.

  14. Thanks Deb, it's great to inspire someone, Thanks for visiting an taking the trouble to leave a comment...they keep me blogging.


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