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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tenth Day Of December!

24 Snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjorn

Sorrrry! been a bit busy, trying to get Christmas sorted, finish the shopping, buy the tree (at long last), get it up and decorated for my tat party today with my lassies.
Trying to make my tree safe and wonderous for a one year that possible!

Watching with fascination how Fergeal's new recruits have settled in to their new home. Two glorious reports so far,

find Ruari (Rory) here
and Stiofan (Stephan) here

Such wonderful photos for Fergeal's album, he is so proud of his siblings...and jealous too.

Back to reality and the next snowflake in my Christmas challenge.

Day 10 was an absolute joy to tat.
Isn't it beautiful, I love the negative space created by pulling those chains out to the side.

I made this in a gorgeous colorway in Oren Bayen another soft 3 cord Turkish thread which comes in gorgeous colours.
It measures 10.5cm and takes approx 12.5mm, can't give you the amount on each shuttle as had to do some shuttle switching to finish it, having put 7m on each shuttle.

This is a definate must do again.

Hope to see ya tomorrow.


  1. Another beauty! I'd love to make it in my new thread that arrived today, but I must finish those socks for the granddaughters first! Prioritizing is not one of my favorite tasks!

  2. I love that thread. I have some of the other colors, like the's to die for!

    I'm amazed at how quickly you crank out those snowflakes my dear!


  3. It's so nice to hear of a pattern that is "an absolute joy to tat"! - that's the kind I like best, I don't look for challenges when I am tatting!
    One of the aspects of this journey of yours which I am really enjoying, is watching the snowflakes appearing in every colour but white! - and they all look festive and beautiful. I have so much trouble choosing colours, unless they are pink-and-green, that I think I would automatically tat a snowflake in white thread, so I am learning a lot!
    Surprisingly, the colours I had to choose when building this house all fell into place - I think that may have been due to the absolute necessity of meeting the deadline - I wasn't able to "dither".
    I still have to send you the picture of the HDT against my wall - camera is working now, I haven't forgotten!

  4. It's beautiful and I really love the thread color.

  5. ...back to reality!!! Ha ha! You crack me up! Your latest snowflake is a beauty! What a talented lady you are!

  6. I love the shape of the chains on this one.

  7. Now that is gorgeous! And so is the thread. That looks like a fun one to do, too. I was going to try the block tatted one last one, but got cold feet instead. I'll just admire yours.

    I must have been day dreaming when you said Vanilla Sky would be in your shop. Will there be more of the size 60 or 80? If so, put me down for two skeins.

  8. Hi Diane, socks, socks socks, dratted socks!

    Hi Krystle, Yup Oren Bayen seems to have stronger colours and less white than Altin Basak. I like it better.

    Hi Maureen, yup a joy to tat is good.

    Yup everything but white, except on my tree!! I LOVE white snowflakes.

    Thanks Paula.

    HI Chic, I specialise in cracking you up!

    Thanks Carla.

    Hi Steph, you can do the other block tat one no problem, print the photo in reverse and just study it and concentrate at every join.


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