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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Wedding Stuff. Part 7b. The Bride is ready!

She is ready to rock and roll and a happy little soul, despite the impression of her that I have given!
One week today she will be married.

She asked me to apologise about the pictures ....that she has decided to keep her veil down over her face until she is married.
"He  is not going to see me until then" she said.
Then you will be able to see her too!
Bears are very traditional!

She LOVES the exquisite edging!
Tatted in size 100 thread with Mill Hill petite beads.
Gosh I have never used 100 before and the petite beads are wonderful...the hole is still big enough to go on to size 100 and 80 thread, it wouldn't go on to size 20 for me.
I will buy more of these and will try to tat some tiny snowflakes. It wasn't all that hard to tat with 100, I even unpicked a few stitches but wouldn't want to have to open a closed ring!

She LOVES the Lucky Horseshoe!
She says she needs as much luck as she can get!
something old..the blue thread,
something new the tatting,
something borrowed???
something blue...the thread.
She LOVES the designer necklace!
Also in 100!
Looks like she is easily pleased!

You can see how much this photo is enlarged as it show the thread count in the satin. 
Normally it looks perfectly smooth.
She LOVES the bow on the back of her dress.
She LOVES her dainty earrings!
She LOVES her head dress!
Just right she says..nothing too fussy about my veil either.

She LOVES her bouquet of Red Roses!
They look enormous but it's just the perspective.
I did have to explain to her that I wasn''t going to fly in fresh roses from who knows where....too many air miles!
The would fade and die, even if she tries to preserve them...
...these she will have for ever...
she was convinced!

She has forgotten about the Ring Pillow and The Wedding hankie!

THE SHOES......mmm!
She didn't LOVE these!
She says that are not dainty!
I say that her feet aren't dainty!
She is not amused.

What did she expect.
They are beary platforms with silver ribbon, tatting embellishment and some diamonds! and they do the job, you can just see them peeing out from under her dress. her train hangs perfectly and she doesn't look as if she is going to fall on her face!

"No one will see them" I say ,
she replies
She did give permission for me to lift her skirt..."just a little" she said.

Could I have done better for her wedding outfit??

If you enjoyed this series of please leave a comment, I do so love to read them.
She  LOVED this comment
So she is a Bearzilla Bride…hummm Ah well, it IS her day…I'm sure she will be unbearable when she blooms in bridal beariness. I can bearly wait to see her bearing when she is satisfied with her dress. bj 

Stay tuned ......


  1. Oh my goodness, keep her right away from Feargal, your life won't be your own if those two hook up together - so opinionated!
    The tiny edging and beads are my favourite part, where are the bear couple going to stand? - on the cake?

  2. She is the most beautiful (bear) bride I have ever seen!!!!! I`m glad to hear she loved all the hard work you did on the whole wedding outfit. Maybe she could borrow a garter belt from on the married lady leprechauns. Just a thought!

  3. I don't know, Maureen, They know nothing about them and have a couple for the cake already. I am sure they will say why didn't I tell them last year. But I didn't know if I would be able to do them. They can sit at the base of the cake or on the top table.

  4. Tatfully yours....we haven't had any married leprechauns...yet! OH I never thought about a garter....shhhhh!

  5. I am speechless...

    No words can describe my emotional response to this magnificent bride...
    ♥♥ Fox : ))

  6. ps Oh the shoes... the shoes... LOL!!!

  7. I'll bet you run a wedding boutique on the side! Fun story!

  8. Such a stunning beary bride! (As my maiden name is Beary, I got an extra chuckle out of this post. If BJ hadn't beaten me to the punch I would have written this comment in "bear-ese"!)

    Thanks for sharing more of your handiwork -- tatting in size 100 (with beads!) isn't for the faint-hearted. You ROCK!

  9. the bear bride is gorgeous, and very exquisite with all the tatted lace. lucky gal! i'd missed your wedding post and went backwards to find the groom bear being transformed. he's the most handsome i've seen. u did a fantastic job on them!


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