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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Secret Santa!

My Secret Santa Package organised by Erin at Tatting Goddess HQ arrived well in time for Christmas, was duly shaken to see if it rattled (it did!) and was dutifully placed under my Christmas tree...even before there was a tree to place it under!!

I always open these packages last so that I can enjoy them to the full....this one didn't want to give up its secrets straight away as it was full of prettily wrapped packages....with just a solitary Altoid's tin peeping out unwrapped.

Now I have heard so much about Altoid tines but have never had one in my own little hand....a very handy little tin.

Tucked inside was a very pretty bracelet...made by my SS???? It was soon on my wrist!

All those little packages one by one were a delight. Another tin...a great rectangular shape, said on it Wriggley's Spearmint Chewing Gum and true to it's name was stuffed with chewing she trying to get me to concentrate more by keeping my jaws too busy to talk???

A pretty cotton bag with a snowflake motif held little tablets of soaps in Honey Almond, Sage and Lavender to keep my hands squeaky clean. the bag will be great for keeping a ball of thread out of harms way.....and there was a ball of thread in another wrap to prove the point. Lizbeth 20 my very first ball of Lizbeth. Red Burst...gosh what a lovely mix, had to try it, tatted another snowflake but you will have to wait for that!

A tube of beads, some tiny, tiny buttons perfect for little tatbead family feet (Jane E's designs)...a tube of mini M&M's to keep me going........

....... so where is THE TATTING!!!

Hidden in a pretty gold box was................ a cute and very clever tatted Christmas tree, complete with gold baubles, a trunk and a tree skirt.

Here they all are...

The tree deserves a closer look...

I decided to stiffen it to show it's branches at their best and it hangs on my silver disc/rainbow tree......very, very nice addition.

The only thing missing was a card to say who it was from!!!!! I do HAVE my was posted in Tennessee.....but I don't trust these sneaky SS senders not to be playing tricks on me like a certain someone does!!

So come on 'fess up!!


  1. LOL! I, too, was waiting for a sentence saying who sent it to you. I kind of wonder if Battatter sent it to someone because that tree looks suspiciously like her work, but who knows, could be you said! It'll be fun to find out!

  2. i love that tree! I'd guess Erin, since she lives in TN, but don't know. Last night I was googling tatted trees, looking for a different one I've seen but then I saw one very similar to this by Lily Morales that she taught somewhere. I don't think Lily was in the exchange though! You've never seen an Altoids tin? Years ago I was trying to find the ginger ones and it seemed they were only available overseas so I asked my friend in Ireland at the time if he saw any to get one for me. He didn't. I think they come from the UK so would expect you to have them there too.

  3. Hi Chic, it could be absolutely anybody who knows someone in Tennesee.

    Hi Gina, maybe Erin, maybe not...she could be in league with a few suspects!!

  4. The tatting goddess list sounds like fun!! is it open for members?

  5. LOL! This was such a fun exchange. Most of us didn't stay anonymous because of the USPS return address requirements.

    Can't wait to find out who your SS is, that's if you ever do. Giggle.

  6. Hi Krystle I am sure that it is, If i remember I will ask Erin to send you an invitation.

    Hi Katie, Oh there was a return address all right...more than I put on my parcel....but never trust a Secret Santa address.....fiendish little blighters these tatting Santas!

  7. What a wonderful surprise parcel! Didn't Jane Eborall design a tree like that?
    I, too, thought that Altoids were from England - an "English Sweet Shoppe" in the seaside suburb of Redcliffe, near here, used to sell them, with all the lovely imports. That's where I got my tin, years ago, but I think the shop has closed now.

  8. You sure got a grand surprise from your Secret Santa. What goodies! Enjoy!

  9. Ooh what fun gifts! Love the tree and the bracelet. Never had an Altoid before, have you? You'll never forget 'em once you do. The cinnamon Altoids could knock you down at 20 feet. 'Fiendish little blighters' Irish folks have the best slang!

  10. Its such fun seeing what everyone receives in their SS, you lucky people! I was amused at your comment about the Altoids tin. They have become our "car mints" but now very hard to find in shops. Then a friend in London (elderly and more or less housebound) bemoaned that he could not find them and sent off for a bulk batch by post. As a good deed I sent him the last one I found with his Xmas present - just before he was going to send me the same!! Happy New Year! Hope you find who your SS is soon.

  11. Nope never had an Altoid, not sure i want to !! but love the tin.

    SS still hasn't 'fessed!!


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