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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Different Lace

'Twas my Lace Guild meeting today and I started a class in Drawn Thread Work...we were challenged to try something different!!

Drawn Thread Work involves carefully cutting and removing threads from an even weave fabric and then working embroidery stitches over the remaining threads.

Kay our teacher was great as usual, and she provided a kit, material(a 28 count linen), threads (DMC perle 8) and even a needle! to make a bookmark and a ring pillow.

This is as far as I got in a day on the bookmark....pulling out the right number of threads to the correct length took FOREVER. After that the stitching was fun, herringbone stitch, satin stitch and zigzag hemstitch and a ladder far.

It will look nice when it's finished!!


  1. I've read about drawn thread work, but I've never been brave enough to try it! I can't wait to see the finished bookmark!

  2. Thanks Diane...only don't hold your breath!!

  3. I love it. My grandmother used to do that, but I've never tried. I know you had fun and look forward to seeing it finished.

  4. Drawn work is such a lovely needleart! I have a drawnwork centerpiece! It's beautiful!

  5. This is something I SO want to do!

  6. Tattycat, Chic and Gina...we all share the same desire to try all these different things in the lace world. I am not much into anything that involves a needle lately...particularly mending!!

    But this one I really liked even the very long preparation, and it was lovely then to see it finally beginning to look nice.

    The theme of the lace meeting was try something new!

    I found an old piece in my heirloom chest which is sort of but not quite Drawn thread work, will show it sometime.


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