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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Latest challenge! Ta da!! Pattern No 1.

Time to reveal the book I am tatting my way through this time. It is one that I have already done several patterns from, as I did some test tatting for I thought that it was time to tat them all.

I really enjoyed playing around with all the patterns in Jon's book and getting into her style.

Well I am already immersed in the style of the author of my latest challenge as I am doing some test tatting for her for her new book.

Have you guessed yet, she is one of my favorite designers, yes it's Martha Ess.

I have three books of hers and the one I have chosen is in keeping with the season of love...and it is Tats Amore.

Gosh, I can't believe that it was last April when I last tatted a heart from this book, so it's probably ok to recap the ones that I have already made...briefly!!

The first pattern in the book is Scallop Shell Heart and here are the ones that I made.
You can read about them and the colours that I used here .That was when I first started playing with thread dyeing.

It has taken a while to get myself reactivated again this year...too many other things just had to be done....and it has been way, way too cold to be trogging in and out to my 'dye studio'but finally today I wound some skeins and made up some dyes.

Thread amounts for this heart that I may need more!!
Size 20 Flora...Sh1 4.75 metres, Sh2 7.5 metres. measures 8.5cm
Coates 40, Sh1 4.5metres, Sh2 7 metres. measures 7.5cm
Coates 60 Sh1 4 metres, Sh2 6.25 metres. measures 7cm


  1. Hi Pamela, The hearts you have tatted are Beautiful. This is a really pretty pattern. I don't have this book, YET, it is on my "want to buy list" I can't wait to see all the hearts you tat from the book. I loved how you showcased Jon's book. Her snowflake book is also on my list of books to buy. Happy Tatting!

  2. The hearts are all so pretty. I haven't tatted this one - yet. I love them all. Martha is one of my favorites as well. I hope you will have time to do a bit of tatting now until it gets warm enough to go to the dyeing studio.

  3. Carol you will love this book, I know. there are some really unusual hearts in it, Martha has such talent.

    Tattycat, dyeing studio doesn't that sound so grand!!! Yesterday tester of Rainbow Bright came out well so here goes!!
    I have tatted your heart too!! Will show it later.

  4. Oh, goody! I can't wait to dee it!


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