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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Heart No 12.

This is the biggie. Martha called it Your Grape Big Heart...a great name I think.

When I first got the book this was one of the ones that I really wanted to make, It looked stunning, but it did look a little daunting.

Now that I have practised making grapes, at least I knew that the grape bit was not going to be at all difficult. It wasn't!

The next bit was to make the vine leaves at the top of the grape and this was a bit more challenging. Especially as the instructions are only written for one side.. You have to do the second side in reverse....mmmmm!! that bit I was not too keen on but I did it.

At this stage it looked stunning on it's own. Feeling that putting the outline on might spoil it and not having time to do another just for this part...I scanned it.

Isn't that lovely!
The thread is my favorite perle 8 Anchor by Coats Madura ( a lovely thread to use but not easy to unpick like all perles) and the green is one of my early dyeing experiments called Spring Greens made using Dylon Cold Dye.

can't you just imagine this on a black T-shirt.

The outline was easy to do, mostly split rings. my problem came from the size difference between the perle and my HDT so my heart outline bowed!! But with carefully blocking it finally gave in and flattened giving me a pretty effect with the top half bulging sideways slightly. The green is another of my HDT early trials, Woodland Greens.

My Thread amounts

Grapes perle 8...Sh1, 3.4m, Sh2, 3.0m
Vine leaves not too sure about this, think each side took Sh1, 1.75m. Sh2, 75cm.

Outline, Sh1 perle, purple 5.5m, Sh2 Green 5.3m

The Heart measures 10.5 cm.


  1. OH! Me likey! That is one pretty heart.

  2. Me likey too! I have to tat this one.

  3. I've loved this pattern since the first time I saw it! Your thread choices have resulted in the prettiest one I've seen yet!

  4. It was Lynda Klymko who suggested the name. I am just awful with names, so it should be no surprise I had help with this good one.


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