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Friday, February 20, 2009

Heart No 10

We are on to a new theme's grapes...something close to a lot of our hearts!!

Lets start with the smallest to practice tatting's called Little Grape Heart

Just 6 little grapes to make and a simple ring and chain outline.

This trial was made in Flora 10 and is just over 4cm across.

As a perfectionist there is a little spot of purple that shouts at me... can you see it in the top right ring. That could have been avoided like in the other rings by using either an up join or a down join whichever was appropriate, can't remember which right now. ahha! I have noted that it should be a down join!

My second heart was tatted in Altin Basak/Oren Bayen thread as it was the only varig' purple thread I had that didn't go to white...I hate that and that's why I started dyeing my own thread. I had to make two bunches of grapes before I got a bunch that was dark enough as there is a lot of pale colour in this thread...The green is a bit strange, but it was the only green I had in this thread, but it is growing on me and looks quite affective from a grape point of view.

This is a tiny 3cm across.

Very easy pattern to do so do try it.

My Thread amounts

Size 10
Grapes....Sh1 90cm, Sh2 60cm.
outline....Sh1, 1.5 metres, Sh2 1.25 metres.

Altin basak 50
Grapes.....Sh1 65cm, Sh2 40cm,
Outine.....Sh1 1.15m, Ball 1.10m


  1. I love these grapes. The only reason I haven't done this one is I don't have a purple that doesn't go to white. Or, I didn't at the time. Need to check again. I like the 2nd green, from a grape perspective it is perfect.

  2. You're tempting me to pull out my copy of Martha's book and I HAVE NO TIME TO DIGRESS right now! LOL!

  3. So nice! I need to make some of these to go with my grapevine doily...hmmmmm perhaps make a big doily of them somehow. Have to think about it.
    Lovely job


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