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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Heart No 15

No 15 Freeform Heart is the ultimate freeform unsymetrical heart! and I love it.
It has such crisp, sharp, clean lines with good negative spaces.

It is an elegant vision of assymmetry!!! Martha says that she was inspired by Mary Konior's Random tatting technique... Martha you have cracked it too!

Did you gather that I like this one...I didn't think that I was going to!! because I am at heart a symmetrist.

Here is my trial piece in a mid pink flora 20.

At the centre of the heart is a beautiful piece of floral tatting design. It is so pretty that at first I thought that the outline might swamp it.

The outline itself rows of rings and chains is outrageous in it's own assymetry. Take a close look. It is quite difficult to keep the inner rows of chains tight against each other to give a neat effect.

Of course the next obvious thing to do is to tat the flower motif in HDT. I chose Yarnplayers Roses and it was beautiful. The outline I did in a deep fuchsia colour Flora 20.

One of my tatting friends Jackie used my Berry Burst HDT for the centre and a pink outline...yummy

A lovely piece of tatting, see how she managed to get a perfect straight line at the top of the heart where the rows of chains start and finish.

I made the flower piece in my Coral reef HDT...

and that inspired another friend Carmel to do the same and tat a dark blue outline...not finished yet tho'.

Oh the lovely colour combinations I could tat this one in.

My thread amounts.

Central flower section.
Size 20...Sh1, 2m, Sh2, 3m.

Outline....Sh, 3.75m. Ball 13m.

Heart measures 10cm.


  1. Hi Pamela,

    Thank you so much for tatting all these hearts and in such pretty colors too! Martha has done a fabulous job on all the hearts in this book. Next book I order will be this one. I also appreciate how you have listed the amounts of thread you used.

    Happy Tatting!

  2. This one is absolutely beautiful. I like the simple little spray of flowers in the heart as a focal point. Like Carol said, it's nice how you give out the info about the thread and stuff. Very cool.

    Ironically, I couldn't comment on "Heart No 13", LOL! I had "bad luck" everytime I clicked on that post from my google reader the page would say "Cannot find". Aaaaargh!!! So, forget it! I'll just comment here. That heart was pretty, too! :)

  3. Pamela, these are all lovely! I'm almost finished with round 2 of my doily... 2 more to go! I think I might have to try hearts next.

  4. This is probably my favorite from the book. I have done it twice. I see now that I am going to go back and do it again with a HDT center. I love Marilee's "roses" and this is beautiful.

  5. oh, the hearts are beautiful--especially the 2nd one with marilee's HDT.

  6. Carol, Chic, Diane, Laura and Valerie, faithful followers, thanks.
    Oh this one is so crying out for an HDT centre and I am crying out for more time.

  7. beautiful hearts! I especially love the fuschia one!!!

  8. OH, I love this one! How did I miss that one in the book? Have I really been too busy to even go through it?

  9. Okay, I just checked the book and it really is in there. One color like your top one - I think using the variegated in the center and solid on the outside really sets it off.


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