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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Heart No 11.

Now that you have practiced making six little grapes we can move on to something bigger...I hope that I have inspired at least one person to tat along with me!!!

The next grape heart is called More Little Grapes, has 10 grapes and is surrounded by a split ring outline...easy peasy!

Martha tatted hers in size 8 perle so I thought that I would try perle too. I thought this damson colour was a lovely colour for grapes, the house elf who knows about these things was not so sure tho'!!

It's lovely and shiny but the thread is a bit too soft for me to use for big projects.

This was one of those times when I thought the reverse looked better that the top side, more rounded and grape like. I toyed with the idea of using it as the top side but finally decided not to.
Here is the reverse of the heart. Which side of the grapes do you like the best? Notice the way all the little specks of a different colour on the joins are on the reverse side. That is the difference that doing up or down joins in the appropriate place makes. Just a little bit of tatting finesse.

Having just said that... I scanned in my next heart and prepared it for the blog and ooops suddenly noticed all the little specks of colour in the joins!!! Heck! I said that was careless...then I suddenly realised that I had decided to use the reverse side of the grapes as the it is what do you think.

This one is tatted in Flora 10 with my favorite Flora varig' greens.

thread amounts.

Perle 8 the heart measures 5cm
Grapes...Sh1, 1.25m, Sh2, 1.05m
Outline...Sh1 2.05m, Sh2, 2.15m

Size 10 Flora the heart measures 6.5cm
Grapes....Sh1 1.50m, Sh2, 1.25m
Outline...Sh1, 2.05m, Sh2, 2.15m

Get practicing, tomorrow is the biggie!


  1. I like the first heart, the one at the top. Perle cotton is lovely to work with,the colours are fantastic, and it seems to suit the way I tat. Unpicking is almost impossible, though, because it becomes very fuzzy! I once crocheted a doily with grapes, I must dig out that pattern and see if I could now tat it!
    I tried to add myself to the followers, but I think you need to have a blog to do that,and I remain speechless so far!

  2. Thanks Maureen I will happily take you as a speechless follower then!!

    Yup perle is nasty to unpick and I do a lot of that!
    So that's one vote for right side.

  3. I like tatting with Perle cotton because of the colors and the "sheen" (usu. DMC in more "shiny" that other perles like Finca). I can only tat with it now that I make a few less mistakes, LOL! The pattern looks fun. I like it.

  4. Chic you make less mistakes!!! I make sooooh many, probably because I am watching TV at the same time.

    The house elf is constantly telling me I missed something cos 'You're not watching are you!!!!'

    Then I might have to take a break if I have a nasty bit of untatting to do, but I am getting very good at untatting. Sometimes I just live with a mistake...but not often!

    The perle I have is Anchor from Coats Madura (India)...very shiny.


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