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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heart No 14.

This heart called Small Freeform Heart builds upon my experience with the last one. If you are happy making that one then this one is a doddle too.

The center is the same 5 petal daisy as before but the outline is built up of rows of chains, making this one so much prettier in my opinion.

First try was in my favorite orange Flora 20.....pretty good apart from making a mess of the final join at the top of the heart!!

I really like the way the picots at the bottom of the chains line up. Blocking is very important in this pattern as in most of the heart patterns. Getting a balanced shape makes all the difference. It is very important while tatting to try to get the lengths of the chains equal on the two sides.

Second one is in one of my favorite Flora pinks also size 20......I was fascinated by the fact that most of the commenters on my last heart liked the blue one. Because that one was in size 10 to me it looks 'clunky' and that makes me see how on the blog difference in thread size is eliminated when blogger shows them filling the allowed space.

With this pink one I tried adding beads, my favorite Rainbow Ruby, and absolutely loved the result.

This is one of the prettiest small hearts in the book, a lovely clear crisp outline, very classy.

This theme is building up to what became my favorite pattern. I hope you will come back tomorrow to see it.

My thread amounts.

Size 20 Flora....Sh, 2.55m. Ball/sh2, 2.40...making a total of about 5 metres.
The central flower on it's own took about 1m.


  1. Another winner! I really like the pink thread w/ beads! :)

  2. Wow, you tatted so fast, I could hardly keep up with your eye-candies. Every single heart is pretty. What do you do with all your tatting and duplicates ?

  3. Singtatter, I think I answered your questions on my blog today.
    You tat so fast too.


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