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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Heart No 5.

I have been following the order of the designs in the far...but I am going to have to skip ahead as I haven't finished the next one!!

Thanks for the nice comments, please keep them coming as bloggers (well me anyway) need to know that they are doing something useful and should keep it coming.

Today's featured heart is the Flower Bouquet have seen this before last year as it was one that I test tatted for Martha.

This was my first attempt... a Summer bouquet of flowers.

This was so beautiful that it inspired another, this time a lighter Spring Bouquet with lots of beads.

One of these days!! I will do an Autumn Heart version..just don't hold your breath!!

Now what can I say about this pattern....what can I remember about it! Lots and lots of different techniques to practice.

The outline is worked first and is easy. In size 20 Flora I used Sh1 4.25 metres, Sh 2 3.25 metres.

The flowers are then made and joined onto the outline as you go...a bit fiddly but worth the effort and nothing difficult.

The White and Yellow Daisy took, 40cm for the centre and 1.25 metres for the petals.

The Iris uses a nice little technique of folded rings which is easy enough and took 1.25 metres on Sh1 and 1.25 metres on the ball/Sh2.

The Rose took Sh1, 1 metre and 2.10 metres on the ball/Sh2.

Little Blue Flowers took 2.5 meters on the shuttle.

The stems are added individually. Each stem used about 25cm on the shuttle and 1 meter on the ball.

Finally the Yellow flowers, they took Sh1 yellow thread 1.5 metres, Sh 2 Green thread 1.25 metres.

It looks and sounds very complicated but the diagrams are so good that it's easy to follow. The pattern covers a full 3 pages!!

The little blue flowers with the beaded are some of my trials..

I have forgotten how I did them but I think it was a form of Jane Eb's way of adding beads to the center of the rings in Pamela's gecko pattern.

I used magic threads in every single part of this heart...quite a feat!

One last scan, new for this year, both hearts on my favorite black background.


  1. Your bouquet of flowers heart is lovely! Both versions are very pretty. The version with the lighter colors and beads is especially nice. It looks like you are having a lot of fun with that book. :)

  2. Thank you trusty Chic, your encouragement means a lot.

    This book is a classic in my opinion. Wish I have more time to devote to each pattern, but there is so much else to achieve..and blogging makes it it is seen and not just by me.

  3. Thanks for you comment on my blog about the Valentine's T-shirt! To answer your question; No, I never wore it. It was "over the top" for even back then when it was in fashion, LOL! It was just as a demo piece to hang on the wall for the craft class I was going to teach.

    I know what you mean about how blogging makes it all worth while! It is so nice to be able to share my tatting "achievements" with others. It's nice to share it with everyone, however, there's something extra special about sharing it with other tatters because as we really understand the amount of work and time that was put into each motif! It's validating that way. :)

  4. Both are beautiful! I really enjoyed this pattern. Maybe you will inspire me to tat it again.

  5. the hearts are very refreshing with the bouquet of bright-coloured flowers. i love the fact that you've added beads to some of the flowers. make them stand out.

    thanks for sharing. :P

  6. Your hearts are beautiful. I love looking at the tatting on your blog. It always makes me want to buy more tatting books, an obvious case of tatting pattern envy... can you ever have too many?

  7. Wow, you sure tat fast to whip up so many hearts! Charming hearts, each and every one!

  8. I was wondering what your next book to tat would be! What a delightful choice!
    I look forward to watching your blog! (o:

  9. Thanks for all your super comments and for reading my blog.


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