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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heart No 2

As well as the often daunting large hearts, Martha gives much simpler smaller versions of each of them. I always do these first to get the into the swing of things. Once I have made the smaller ones the large ones don't look as intimidating.

The small heart that accompanies the Scallop Shell Heart is the
......Tiny Scallop Heart...the star of today's post. As long as you can tat a split ring...just the one then this heart is a doddle!

I only made this heart once in size 10 Flora and really don't feel that I have done it justice mainly because the colour does absolutely nothing for it, and it would look so pretty in tiny thread....perfect to add to a card.

So nothing for it with time being of the essence but to try a bit of computer jiggery- pokery to make this post a bit more interesting!

So Tat Da!!! this is what it could look like.

Gosh I have even impressed myself with by the idea of a colour sequence.
Wouldn't it look lovely in HDT too and with some beads added....oh to have enough time to satisfy myself that each pattern has been explored to the full....But must move on Valentine's day is fast approaching and other things are calling.

Oh I got so carried away that I nearly forgot thread amounts,

Size 10 Flora Sh1 1 meter, Sh2 1.25 meters ....measures 4cm,

Just think how little thread in smaller sizes it would take...perfect for using up theshort lengths that i keep accumulating.


  1. Last year, when I had more time, I played with hearts a lot. Don't have that time right now so I'm really enjoying your show and tell!

  2. Hi Pamela, I love this little heart too!! And you are right, that would make a really pretty color scheme for some HDT.

    Looking forward to seeing the next heart from Martha's book. My interest in up even more now. I will have to get this book sooner rather than later.

    Happy Tatting!

  3. Oh that's funny Carol, I didn't mean that those colours would make a nice HDT but looking at them again..they would!!

    Next heart tomorrow.

  4. I love this book of Martha! So delightful to have the hearts lined up in different colours!


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