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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Heart No 9

This is the last of the hearts that I made last year from Martha's book....( some of the ones shown here were made this year tho').

From now on they have all been made this year...and are still being made...hope I can finish them within my heart a day deadline.

No 9 is the daddy/mummy of them all!

Now that you have practiced the small have a go it's not as hard as it looks and the results are worth the effort. You just need to get the picots/mock picots as even as possible to get an even trellis effect.

This heart..just called Crewel Heart has a 10 x 10 lattice...with a chunk missing to give the heart shape.
The outline uses the frilly outline of heart No 8 on one side and the picots outline on the other side...from Heart No 7.

Got that!!!

This is my first lattice in a Flora 20 thread trying to look like a linen fabric...nearest colour that I could find.

It was this and the lattice that first attracted me to this heart of Martha's.
One of the things that always bugs me is that Martha always chooses the perfect colour scheme and I want to make mine the same!!!! But there is no point in that or my hearts would have no personality of their own!!

Sometimes it is so hard to force myself to pick a different colour scheme and this was one time. Martha's heart was in my favorite

I rooted thro' my thread drawers and there was one combination that kept shouting at me..."pick me pick me" in the end I gave in and here is the first side competed...

and then the other side....

Oh My! don't those colours make each other zing. It's like they can't decide who is boss!! Not sure I really like it.

So I tried another more harmonious colour combination.

I am not yet happy with this one as one side dominates the other...and the frilly side it made in Altin Basak which is a slightly thinner thread...and is a bit too pale....but it will have to do!

This was my first attempt at the lattice in silver...I thought "if Martha can do it then so can I!!!" note pride often becomes before a fall...but you don't have to show it on your blog!!! but if you do it will show others that yes you do actually make mistakes just like they do!! so do give it a go!

Martha also gives instructions for making two variations with the outline matching on boths sides, plain and frilly. But I haven't the energy to make them! her instructions and diagrams are superb.

My thread amounts

Lattice took Sh1 2.65 meters, Sh 2 too 2.9 metres. picots 6 or 7mm

Plain outline took Sh 4.10 metres, ball 3.50 metres.

Frilly side which has split chains ( I wrote on my sheet...No! Torture!!) took
Sh 2.25 metres and ball 5 metres.


  1. For some reason I can't see the pictures. I'll try again later!

  2. I love the zingy one! - all sorts of colours are springing to mind. I know someone who would love that heart in purple and royal blue! I check your blog every morning, it's wonderful that you have been tatting hearts all night while I have been asleep!

  3. Tattycat did you get the pictures??

    Maureen, purple and royal blue would be zingy too, go try!

    I am so glad you check my blog every morning, I will try not to disappoint you. I am tatting hearts in my sleep!!

    Are you down on my blog followers list...this has suddenly become important!

  4. I finally got the pictures! They are beautiful. I've got to get this book back out and MAKE myself do split chains!

  5. This is a very cool heart! I like the unequal-ness of it! LOL! I cannot think of the word! RATS!

  6. Hi Chic, I liked the asymmetry too and yet I am a symmetrist at heart!!
    my computer programme didn't like the way that I spelled this so I looked it up:-

    Webster's dictionary of 1828 describes me as

    SYM'METRIST, n. [from symmetry.] One eminently studious of proportion or symmetry of parts.

    I like the thought of being eminently studious!!


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