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Friday, February 27, 2009

Heart No 17.

Yeah! this is the penultimate heart!! from Martha's book Tats Amore.

This is another practice for the biggie to come and I really did need some practice!

This heart is quite a big jump from the teeny one I showed yesterday but if you think this looks complicated...wait til you see the final one that really is complicated.

This one is called Single Daisy and Forsythia Heart and it is exactly that.

The forsythia flowers I have made in the last heart. I have made daisies before a la Martha but never like this. These ones are made of folded rings....don't worry it's all explained perfectly in the book.

I did lots of practice making these and trying to get magic threads in there so there are no nasty ends to deal with..that is tie a knot and glue between the 2 parts of the knot and hope it won't show. I am useless at sewing in ends no matter how hard I try!

Mission accomplished so lets make lots of daisies as you never know when a daisy might be for instance in the final heart!!

These are my 3 left over daisies ready and waiting to be part of the biggie tomorrow!

My first attempt at today's heart goes like this....

but doesn't it just cry out for some beads!!

Oh you really can't see how those beads sparkle...silver lined light green so it's down to the camera to try to show you. The beads in the centre are my favorite opaque yellow.

Nope this doesn't really show the sparkle either.

This heart was made in Size 20 Flora and measured 8cm.

My thread amounts.

Daisy centre...Shuttle only,1m of thread will make 4

Petals...Sh only...3m

Outer section...Yellow 3.5m, Green...6m


  1. Very pretty. I like it with or without beads. It is just as pretty without, too! It's such a refreshing pattern with the daisy center and all. :)

  2. Very pretty! I like this heart both ways, but the beads do add a special touch!

  3. So pretty - both ways. I agree with everything Tatting Chic said!

  4. 3 daisies waiting....I know this part....this is the one I test-tatted!

  5. Chic, Diane, and Tattycat, yup it is just as pretty without the sparkly beads but I do love the effect of the yellow beads in the centre.

    Gina, the 3 daisies are still waiting, I well remember you test tatting it, I have your photo still on the crumpled tissue paper!

  6. I love the opaque yellow beads - this one is beautiful!

  7. I love them the ALL! Daisies are so refreshing. Sewing in ends is all about your needle size. For size 20 thread I use size 26 embroidery needle.

    I could never sew in ends until figured out this tip.

  8. it's really interesting, this heart has a daisy in the centre! i like the one with the bead edging. looks neat.


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