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Monday, February 16, 2009

Heart No 6.

This is another small heart, to team up with the large flower bouquet heart.

Once you have made the white daisy in the center....great practice for making the large heart if you find that daunting.The daisy is made in exactly the same way, it's just a tad bigger. After that the two rows of chains are a doddle.

Result very pretty and very satisfying.

This design is crying out for here is a simple beaded version... in a brighter green with silver lined light green beads, and opaque white beads added to the daisy joins

....and with more beads...

This one is a winner.

Thread amounts, Size 20 Flora Daisy centre 40cm on shuttle, petals, 1.25metres on shuttle.

Outline Sh1, 75cm, ball/Sh2, 1 meter.

Heart measures 4cm.


  1. Oooooh! Pretty pretty! I like it! :)

  2. I love it!!! With or without beads, but always beads add the extra touch to any work. Just beautiful!

  3. You are blowing me away. I can't even keep up with the comments I need to make on your hearts!

  4. Thanks Chic, Needledreams and Tattycat, I always appreciate your comments.
    Beads are so yummy...and yup I am blowing myself away too. Great to have a challenge.


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