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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Heart No 16

I am getting to the end of my heart marathon...only 3 more to go...but will I last the pace!!!

Today's heart in the Teensy Forsythia Heart. Martha is good at dreaming up flowers that I have never seen tatted before and Forsythia is one of them.

This little heart is so sweet that there is no need to try and fancy it up at all.

It is complete just as itself!

I get asked often what I do with my tatting and the answer is usually NOTHING!

I am, therefore I tat!!

Tatting to me is like mountain climbing to a climber, the challenge is there, so I try to achieve it in the best way possible. I don't often have actual duplicates because I can always see another colour it could be made in, and then I want to keep them all!

So if I want to give something away to someone who will actually appreciate it, I do actually have to make a duplicate!!

My tatting mostly lives in a folder along with the pattern ready for when I want to make it again or show it. I am trying to make more display boards to have on show as that is my favorite way of displaying. Just a few tats are in photo frames.

But don't think that just because it lives in a folder that I don't look at it and marvel at it all over again. Because tatting is marvellous.

This little heart took 92cm of yellow and 1.25m of green in size 20 Flora, and measures just 3cm.


  1. You are right. This little heart needs nothing more. Very pretty. Most of my tatting stays safely tucked away under glass where I can see it. I like "I am therefore I tat." Sounds like a good club slogan!

  2. Wow - I missed a couple of days, and the hearts continue to proliferate! I wonder which is the next book on your list?
    I have begun to think of my tatting as akin to completing a jigsaw puzzle! Keeps my brain active and the finished piece is pleasing to me, without necessarily being useful - although, since my preferred projects are doilies, they seem to find new homes!

  3. Tattycat, I tat, therefore I am! is just as good too!!

    Maureen, You summed it up well. It is like a jigsaw puzzle and finishing the whole of this book was just that.


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